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Aiding virtual learning in a fun and safe environment.

We are a Virtual Learning Service that assists children ages 5-12 (K-5) in learning virtually with their zoned Elementary Schools. We provide a safe and structured environment where each child can be monitored while engaged with their online teacher.

Vim and Me is a first-of-its-kind facility for in-person virtual learners in grades K-9th.

More than supervision

We have virtual personal assistants to ensure that your children are engaged with their online teachers and to supervise and monitor completion of all daily class assignments.

Our class sizes are low in ratio and will not exceed over 10 students in any of our facilities.

Clean and prepared.

Covid 19 CDC procedures will be strictly followed. With an uptick of new Covid Variants, we ask students to wash their hands before entering our facility. Masks are an option but not required. 

Kindergarten Prep and private tutoring available.

Limited spaces available.

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